Admiralty Law

Admiralty Law

Admiralty Law, also referred to as Maritime Law, is a distinct and separate jurisdiction of law which governs an underlying or ancillary maritime claim(s) as opposed to the use of the common law jurisdiction of the High Court and Magistrates’ Court:

Ownership, delivery, possession, employment or earnings of a ship
Mortgages and creditor’s claims against the Security of a ship
Damage caused by or to a ship
Loss of life/personal injury caused by a ship
Loss of or damage relating to carriage of goods
Salvage, towage and pilotage
Necessaries, claims
Shipbuilding and repair
Remuneration of agents, brokers and claims against them, wages
Port dues
Distribution of a fund comprising the proceeds of judicial sale
Arrests and attachments
Judgments and arbitration awards
Contribution, indemnity, damages or security
Wrongful arrests


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