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Fields of Practise

LANGUAGE – the presentation and/or articulation thereof is extremely important in legal interpretation.

The legal usage of words is complex. An exact meaning can be defined only in the context in which it is used.

In the attempt to reduce the words hereunder to describe the meaning and scope of a particular branch of law to its most elementary aspects, different meanings will denote distinct legal concepts.

The description(s) hereunder in no specific order serve only to assist the visitor to our website to potentially categorise his/her potential mandate to us, within a field(s) of practise(s).

Constitutional Law Administrative Law Commercial Law Agency Law Competition Law
Insolvency Law Corporate Law Contract Law Suretyship Credit Law
Restraint of trade Sport and Sports Law Entertainment Law Labour Law Nationality Law
Immigration Law Intellectual property Public Interest Law Environmental Law Criminal Law
Consumer Law Property Law Family Law Admiralty Law Administration of Deceased Estates
Mediation Arbitration Delictual Law Construction Law Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Restitution of Displaced Cultural Treasure(s)


We value good business relations with our clients. In our endeavour to uphold our professional standards, business integrity and to avoid any misunderstanding during the mandate, the issue of remunerative fees, expenses and disbursements (legal costs) will be fully canvassed with you and recorded in writing prior to the commencement of the mandate(s). It is also important that our clients are made aware of the implications of the pending regulatory Legal Practice Act 2018.

We therefore encourage you to discuss the legal costs with Mr. Itzeck or our professional staff prior to the commencement of the mandate. Transparency will prevail throughout the mandate. Please do not hesitate to discuss any query or concern you may have pertaining to the mandate with us.

We thank you for visiting our website and considering entrusting your personal mandate to Itzeck Inc. Attorneys. Clover


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